Belong. Grow. Serve.

Engage beyond the Sunday Morning worship service, grow in your faith, and build up others by using your unique giftedness.

Ministry Matters.

At Multination Church, we believe that vibrant faith is built on a foundation of meaningful engagement. Our wide range of ministries provides ample opportunities for you to connect, learn, and serve within our community. Explore the various opportunities below to find the ministries that resonate with your passions and gifts.

Children’s Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry is dedicated to creating a safe, joyful, and faith-filled environment for the youngest members of our congregation. Through interactive lessons, creative activities, and caring mentors, we nurture their spiritual growth and introduce them to the love of Jesus.


Community Life Ministry

Experience the power of genuine connections through our Community Life ministries. Our Bible Studies and Home Groups offer spaces for meaningful discussions, shared experiences, and mutual encouragement. These gatherings cultivate deep friendships while fostering spiritual growth in the company of fellow believers. 

Wednesday Bible Study

Join us every Wednesday for an insightful Bible study session that goes beyond the surface. This is a space to connect, learn, and grow in your faith journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of the Scriptures and strengthen your spiritual bonds.

Friday Home Group Fellowship

Join our Home Group Fellowship every Friday at 19:00 for an evening of genuine connections and heartfelt discussions. This is your chance to build strong friendships and deepen your sense of community. Whether you’re new or have been part of the community for a while, this is a space where you’re valued, heard, and embraced.

Ministry Teams

Join our Ministry Teams to play a crucial role in the life of our church and the community. Whether it’s hospitality, worship, technology, or outreach, your skills and passions can make a difference. Serving alongside others creates a sense of purpose and unity that extends beyond the walls of our church.