Purposeful Generosity.

As a free church, your generous support enables us to keep building a community of global-minded followers of Jesus.

 Partner with us.

At Multination Church, our mission of connecting globally-minded people to God and to each other is made possible through the dedicated support of our community. As a free church, we rely on the generosity of individuals who share our vision and are passionate about making a lasting impact. Your giving is not just a financial contribution; it’s a partnership in the transformational work we undertake together.

Every donation you make directly fuels our efforts to create a welcoming space for believers from all corners of the globe, to engage in meaningful worship, to provide spiritual growth opportunities, and to serve our local and global communities. Your generosity ensures that we continue to be a beacon of hope, unity, and spiritual nourishment for both our congregants and the wider world.

Whether you choose to give a one-time donation or contribute regularly, your gift goes beyond monetary value. It becomes a tangible expression of your commitment to fostering a community of faith, diversity, and love. Join us in shaping a legacy of positive change, as we work hand in hand to fulfill the mission of Multination Church. Thank you for your meaningful contribution to the growth of God’s Kingdom and the lives it touches.

How to Give

Simply initiate a transfer using the provided account details, and your donation will play a vital role in creating a community that connects hearts, bridges cultures, and deepens faith. Thank you for being a part of our journey and helping us spread hope and love.

via Direct Bank Transfer
IBAN: DE68 5009 2100 0000 1499 00

Spar-& Kreditbank Bad Homburg


Please contact us with your name and address if you wish to receive a donation letter (Spendenbescheinigung) for your German taxes.

If you are a US taxpayer, you may choose to give through our partner organisation, International Baptist Church Ministries (IBCM): www.ibcmworld.com