A Multicultural Church in a Global City

Join us on our journey of connecting hearts from around the world as we follow Jesus together. Deepen your faith, build relationships, and make Frankfurt a home for believers spanning the globe.

Who We Are

Our mission is to connect with God, connect with one another and connect other global-minded people with God.

Our vision is: Global-minded people connecting with God and with God’s people in every global city.

At Multination Church, we are creating a community where our faith in Jesus knows no borders. We are dedicated to connecting with God, forging bonds with people of all nations, and uniting globally-minded individuals with the divine.

Our vision propels us to bring together people from across the world in every global city, fostering connections that transcend cultural differences and celebrate the unity found in faith.


What We Believe

We believe that God has a heart for the English speaking international community in Frankfurt. He is calling us as a church “to connect with God, connect with one another and connect other global-minded people with God.” This is our mission.

Through biblical teaching and preaching, authentic worship, loving fellowship, and missional calling we seek to offer Christ centered ministry that is faithful and free.

We know the struggle of living as strangers in a strange land and would love to be fellow travelers with you on your faith journey.

Our Leaders

Mason Fuller Smith

Global Pastor, Frankfurt

From North Carolina, USA, Mason Fuller Smith brings his vibrant spirit to Multination Church. His journey started at 15 and evolved into a ministry calling. Mason holds a BA in Christian Ministries from Campbell University, a Master of Divinity from Duke University, and a Doctor of Ministry from Columbia Theological Seminary, specializing in connecting the Gospel with culture.

With 25+ years of ministry experience, Mason has served in missionary, youth, college, and children’s ministries. As a pastor, he focuses on reaching people for Christ, especially English-speaking internationals.

Beyond the pulpit, Mason enjoys hiking, history, nature, storytelling, cooking, and theater. Married to his high school sweetheart, Kim, who excels in children’s and women’s ministries, they unite to provide training in marriage, family, and parenting. As humble servants of the Kingdom, they’re ready to guide those navigating life’s journey.

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Multination Church // London

Multination Church London: Uniting Hearts in the Heart of Hampstead

Expanding upon the vision of Multination Church, our London campus stands as a testament to the power of faith transcending geographical boundaries. Nestled within the vibrant Hampstead neighborhood of North London, Multination Church London carries the shared DNA of our diverse community, while distinctively focusing on impacting the lives of those in this unique context.

Just as in Frankfurt, Multination Church London is dedicated to creating a space where faith bridges cultures and embraces the rich tapestry of backgrounds that grace this global city. Our mission remains unwavering: to connect hearts with God, with each other, and with a world waiting to experience the transformative power of Christ’s love.

In Hampstead, where history meets modernity, Multination Church London tailors its approach to reach the hearts of this eclectic community. Our worship, teachings, and outreach initiatives are carefully designed to resonate with the distinctive needs and aspirations of North London. From the cobbled streets to the bustling markets, we’re committed to creating a place of belonging and spiritual growth. Through our shared DNA and local focus, Multination Church London stands as a beacon of hope, a haven for seekers, and a catalyst for change in the heart of Hampstead.

Sundays // 11am

University College School – Hampstead (UCS) Froghal, London NW3 6XH

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